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31515 - "A People Perish for a LACK of KNOWLEDGE" Hosea 4:6
"A People Perish for a LACK of KNOWLEDGE"  Hosea 4:6
'A People Perish for a LACK of KNOWLEDGE' Hosea 4:6
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This T-Shirt is meant to WAKE PEOPLE UP. We are not properly responding to God's Word. We are seeing ongoing uncertainties in our social settings and nature, Arrogance, discord, division, a lack of "True Patriotism", Racism, hatred, GREED, a lack of compassion and LOVE, ongoing disease, suicide, drug overdoses, mindless violence, wars, lies and increases in evil behavior. Many do not even know-what thus sayeth The LORD.  Because of these developments, Hosea 4:6 states "My people PERISH for a Lack of KNOWLEDGE". Father God goes on to state "because you have rejected knowledge, I have rejected you and will forget your children". HE further states "because they have ceased obeying The LORD". Please read verse 7 which states, "The more they increased the more they SINNED against ME;  I will change their glory into shame". 

We need to Repent, SEEK and OBEY JESUS if we want restoration and to continue in God's goodness and rewards. We need to read and study the bible in order to know what God expects.

This 100% Heavyweight Cotton T-Shirt comes in Blue. Sizes range from Medium, Large, Extra Large, 1X and 2X. Please call 1-800-865-9072 for sizes not listed or email  [email protected]

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