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Welcome to Gordons Manufacturing Company

We are a flexible company that appreciates your business and caters to your needs!

We were founded in 1993. Our focus was to create cleaning products, fragrances, air fresheners, and polishers, which were environmentally friendly, affordable and easy to use.

We chose to customize each order for all of our clients large or small. Our clients tell us what their needs and desires are, what they are going to clean, polish, air freshen and odor remove. Clients select from one or several of our designer scents. We then make the products based upon their input. Hence, our motto “We make cleaning, polishing, and air freshening fun!”

Gordons most notable achievement was appearing on QVC Home Shopping Network in August 1995 with our “Instant Shoe Shine and Cleaner with Mink Oil.” This space-aged solution is designed especially for women and men who are too busy to shine their shoes. Now you can clean and polish your shoes, purses, briefcases, leather seats, furniture, belts, etc. in one step in seconds. Military dress shoes and medals are shined quickly with Instant Shine.

QVC London England presented Instant Shine in 1996.

Some of our other products will amaze you such as Antistatic Computer Mate Multi-Purpose Cleaner. Our Anti-Fog Eyeglass Cleaner cleans so well that you see clearly without eyestrain. Jewelry and Gem Cleaner spray cleans and shines all types of jewelry in no time.

We use the best fragrances in our gel and liquid air freshener and odor removers. They are long lasting in addition to being non-offensive.

We create the “mood you desire” with our scents many times reminding you of pleasant past experiences. We continue to produce new and improved Aromatherapy Scents using the finest essential oils.

Please allow us to create for you, your company or organization.

Yours very truly,
Gordons Manufacturing Company
Toll Free USA 1-800-865-9072
Local and outside USA 419-865-9072 (Phone)
419-865-1645 (Fax)
Email: [email protected]

Please call about our other commercial products and cleaners like BLUE WONDER MULTI-PURPOSE CLEANER used by businesses, janitorial companies, hotels, colleges, universities, car washes, automobile dealers and churches. BLUE WONDER is an "All-in-One" cleaner, polisher, air freshener and odor remover.

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